CGDI Benz & BMW Programmer

CGDI released by Shenzhen Chang Guang technology co., LTD, founded in 2014, is a focus on automotive diagnostic equipment research and development.CGDI programmers are special for BMW and Mercedes Benz key programming and other repair functions on BMW and Benz.

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CGDI MB Programmer

CGDI BMW Programmer

CGDI BMW Prog Update Full Log

CG FC-200




CG100 III Programmer

CG 9S12 Programmer

CG 70


CGDI MB Benz Prog:

CGDI MB Benz programmer is special focus on Mercedes Benz key programming,read EIS data,calculate password,then add new keys or all key lost for Mercedes Benz.

CGDI MB Benz Programmer

CGDI MB Programmer Features:

1. Supports fastest Benz key add: collection time 1’50s, password 40s, 99% get password for one time calculator, it is the fastest key programming tool to calculate the password at present.
2. Supports MB all key lost: support models including 211,209,204,207,212,166,246,197,172,164 +, 216,221 etc
3. CGDI Prog MB can calculate the password online
4. Work with BE key and orginal key
5. Update Online on official
6.With Mileage Repair and Gateway Read/Write Authorization Free NOW!
7. CGDI MB support ECU renew

CGDI MB Programmer Support Vehicle List:

W210, W203, W639, W220,W215, W169
Mercedes E Series W210 before year 2004
Mercedes C Series W203 before year 2005
Mercedes V Series V639 before year 2008
Mercedes A Series W169 before year 2009
Mercedes B Series W169 before year 2009
Mercedes S Series W220 before year 2005
Mercedes E Series W211 before year 2008

CGDI MB support ECU renew on these models at present:

ME9.7, MED17, CR3.xx, CR4.xx, CR5, CR60.xx, CRD.11, CRD2.xx, , SIM266, SIM271DE2.0, SIM271KE2.0, SIM4LE, SIMELKE Support Gearbox Renew on EGS 7G



For CGDI Benz software full update history log,check here:CGDI MB Benz Programmer Update Full History Log and download newest CGDI Benz software


How to Use CGDI  Benz MB Programmer?

GDI MB Prog Collect EIS Data for Old Benz W164

CGDI MB Prog Add New Keys for Benz C-classs W204

How to use CGDI prog MB to program new keys to Benz W212 by OBD

CGDI Prog MB Programs new keys to W211 2004 via OBD

CGDI Prog MB Review: Add new keys to Old Benz W210 via OBD

CGDI prog MB add new keys to Benz GL450 via OBD

CGDI MB AC adapter collect Benz W164 EIS Data (No need to plug)

CGDI PROG MB program a new smart key to Mercedes- AMG G63 successfully

How to collect and exchange CGDI prog MB Points

CGDI BMW MSV80 Programmer:

CGDI BMW Prog is use for BMW key programming,include: CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+/CAS4/CAS4+/FEM/BDC.It also support BMW EGS ISN reading,bootstrapper upgrades,BMW F series programming,key disable/enable….

CGDI BMW Programmer

CGDI BMW MSV80 Programmer Function List:

EWS Key Match
Support Key Matching and All key lost for CAS4 /CAS 4+
BMW OBD Key Match
CAS4 Key Match
Bootstrapper upgrades
FEM/BDC Key Match
CAS3 Key Match
BMW F Series Program
BMW Enable/Disable Key
BMW F Series Coding
CAS Mileage Reset
Porsche 987/911 key learning
95128/95256 Read and Write
BMW E Series Program
BMW E Series Coding
Maserati Meter Mileage Adjustment
BMW Data modification and verification.


For CGDI BMW software full update history log,check here:CGDI BMW Programmer Update Full History Log and download newest CGDI BMW software


How to Use CGDI BMW Prog?

CGDI prog BMW Read/Write N13/N20/N55 ISN without opening DME

CGDI PROG BMW MSV80: Add new keys to CAS4+ all keys lost

How to Use CGDI BMW Disable/ enable BMW F Series Keys

CGDI PROG BMW REVIEW: Flash BMW 8HP transmission without gateway

CGDI prog BMW Review: Program 2016 BMW F series successfully

How to Code ECU for 2016 BMW 525 with CGDI PROG BMW

CGDI BMW Prog Program Keys & ODO Correction for BMW FEM/BDC


CGDI prog BMW MSV80: Good for Coding on F Series

BMW CAS3+ to CAS3 Downgrade AKL Programming by CGDI BMW

CGDI Prog BMW Programs BMW F010 DME: Works Perfectly

CGDI PROG BMW MSV80 REVIEW: Disable/ enable BMW F series keys-Great


CG PRO 9S12 Programmer:

CG Pro 9S12 is upgrade version of CG-100, can perform automatic conversion BMW, Mercedes-Benz kilometer and BMW, Land Rover, Porsche key matching. It combines both CGDI Pro BMW MSV80 key programmer and CGDI Pro Mercedes key programmer.

CG PRO 9S12 Update Information Full Log

CG Pro 9S12 Function List:
Support Freescale 705 series
Support Freescale 908 series
Support Freescale 711 series
Support Freescale 912 series
Support Freescale 9S12 series
Support NEC V850 series
Supports engine computer change and ISN read
Support automatic conversion BMW, Mercedes-Benz kilometers
Support BMW, Land Rover, Porsche key programming
Support a variety of strong encryption chip crack, stable fast
Software equipment using high-end technology, real-time monitoring, anti-loss
This programmer is complementary to the CG-100
With independent intellectual property rights, arbitrarily increase the chip model according to customer demand.

For CG Pro 9S12 software full update history log,check here:CG PRO 9S12 Update Information Full Log and download newest CG Pro 9S12 software


How to Use CG Pro 9S12 Programmer?

CGDI MB & CG PRO 9S12 Program New Key Without Points

How to Repair BMW E Series FRM Data (Unlock) by CG PRO 9S12?

CG PRO 9S12 Read/ Write Land Rover RFA/ KVM

CG PRO 9S12 Correct Odometer for BMW 750Li CAS2 2008 35080 VP


CG100 Prog III Programmer:

CG100 Prog III is exclusively designed to read Tricore MCU’s over CAN-bus.Supports Read/Write EEPROM function for secured and non-secured SAC-TC1766 SAC-TC1767 SAC-TC1796 SAC-TC1797 microcontrollers.comes with Mileage, DPF, ECU system time, ISN built-in calculators.Edit CRC Eeprom.

CG100 PROG III Auto Computer Programmer

CG100 Prog III Function List:

Including All Function of Renesas SRS
Support read and write EEPROM, support non-secure BMW DDME ECU microcontroller.
CG100 PROG III with built-in calculator, support calculate ISN, VIN and program CRC EEPROM
CG100 PROG III now support CAS3 CAS3+CAS4 CAS4+ Key Programming
CG100 PROG III now can splite the quality for CAS Data

CG100 Prog Support Models

1. Support and Adoption: Renesas
R5F61797, RF61725, R5F61723, R5F61721, the model in the computer are assembled as follows: Toyota, Honda, Subaru

2. Support and Adoption:
64A-72F,XC2364A-104F,XC2365A-56F,XC2365A-72F,XC2365A-104F,XC2361B-24F,XC2361B-40F,XC2363B-24F,XC2361B-40F,XC2364B-24F,XC2364B-40F,XC2365B-24F,XC2365B-40F,the model in the computer are assembled as follows: Nissan, Suzuki, Hyundai, Ford, Mazda, Land Rover, Jaguar, GM.20seconds of read and write.this speed supported is exclusive in the wordwide.

3.Support and Adoption: Freescale
MPC5604P(0M26V)(1M36W)the model in the computer are assembled as follows:Honda

4. Support and Adoption: ST
SPC560 the model in the computer are assembled as follows:Volkswagen

5. Support and Adoption: CPU
ATMEGA169, ATMEGA32, ATMEGA16, ATMEGA8, ATMEGA88, ATMEGA48. The instrument model tune number of kilometers

Update Details:  CG100 software full update history log and download newest CG100 Prog III software

CG FC-200 ECU Programmer

CG FC-200 is update version of AT200, with All License Activated and Free Update Online for One Year.No open shell, no punch, keep the original parts, support 4200 kinds of ECUS/EGS, involving 80% of the models on the market.

FC200 V1.0.4.0 (2022.01.24) NEW:

1.The main interface adds a search button by brand
2.New Bosch engine boot modes: MEDG17.0, EDC17CP05, ME17.9.51, ME17.0.3, ME17.9.21.1, ME17.9.74, MED17.9.3, EDC17CP18, ME17.9.52, MEV17.4, EDC17CP10, ME17 .9.21, MEV17.2.1, ME17.9.20, ME17.1.6, ME17.1.1, ME17.2.4, EDC17CP09, MED17.1.10, ME17.7, ME17.3.0, ME17.8.31, MED17.8.10
3.Added Bosch engine platform mode: MG1CS016
4.New Bosch engines (beta): MD1CP001, MD1CP002, MG1CS008, MG1CS011, MG1CS111, MD1CP006, MD1CP014, MD1CS001, MD1CS003, MG1CS018, MG1CS028
5.New engines with modified VIN function: EDC17C18, EDC17C19, EDC17C49, EDC17C74, EDC17CP54, EDC17CP60, ME17.1.6, ME17.2, ME17.2.4, ME17.5.24, ME17.5.26, ME17.7.20, MED17.1.62, MED17.3.5, MED17.9.3, MED17.9.63
6.Optimize the function of SH275xx series gearbox
7.Fix some bugs and optimize software performance

CGDI CG70 Airbag Reset Tool 

CGDI CG70 airbag reset tool adopts the new technology of intelligent diagnosis, and clears the fault code with only one key. No need to open the cover, no welding wire, no need to disassemble the chip, just connect the pin port, this product can diagnose the airbag module information, clear the fault code, and make the vehicle perfectly revived.

CG70 Features:

1. No dismantling, no welding, non-destructive repair.
Simulate the principle of car communication, connect the pin port, you can read/clear the fault code of the airbag module with one key. Abandon the traditional wire welding/chip removal mode, and use pin diagnosis to avoid operational risks caused by electric soldering irons/soldering heat guns.
2. Intelligent diagnosis, clear fault codes
Support multiple diagnostic protocols, CAN protocol, K/L protocol, SWCAN protocol and J1850 protocol, compatible with different car models and airbag modules.
3. Specific function, fast retrieval
Specialized in airbag module repair. The entire software is designed according to the model number. It is simple and clear, with clear directories, and the built-in search function can help us quickly find the operation interface.
4. The wiring is clear and the pins are clearly defined.
The software has a built-in clear wiring diagram, and the position of the “button” is obvious, which is integrated with the interface and does not hinder the operation process. All wiring diagrams are taken in kind, with clear pins, and the communication line number is marked to avoid user wiring mistakes.
5. Independent research and development, real-time update.

CGDI CG100X New Generation Programmer

CG100X is Covering 90% of models and modules on the market, including American, German, French, European, Korean, Japanese, Italian, domestic series, as well as engineering vehicles and motorcycles, it is powerful and the first choice for opening a store. Stable and safe, convenient and intelligent.

CG100X Functions List:

1. Meter mileage adjustment
The software is embedded with intelligent algorithms, and the mileage data is automatically analyzed. It supports more than 4,600 car models, with a success rate of over 95%. It is closely following the market and is being upgraded in real time.

2. Airbag computer reset
Contains more than 4,500 ACU models, dedicated to solving airbag faults, analyzing the cause of the light, perfectly clearing the fault code, giving car owners peace of mind, and more models are continuously added.

3. Car body failure maintenance
Focus on automotive electronic faults, good at repairing various common faults, support engine computer, steering angle, footwell module, keyless entry module, audio amplifier, gearbox computer, 48V light hybrid lithium battery, 12V lithium battery, etc. A body computer that provides vehicle data and assists repairmen in resolving vehicle failures.

4. Accessory clone replacement
Solve the pain points of the repair shop, a single device can replace accessories, data cloning, analysis and repair, one-click operation without asking for help.

5. Chip Data Burning
Covers more than 90% of automotive chips, supports more than 1,800 models, reads, modifies, writes, erases, partitions and saves to meet daily car repair needs, and can also use the browser that comes with the software to analyze data.

Octal Chip (EEPROM):
24 series, 25 series, 35 series, 93 series, 95 series, X50 series, S29 series, RH series, CAT10 series, CR series

2024 New CGDI K2M WIFI Multi-functional Remote Generator Support 96Bit ID48 Copy

CGDI K2 Functions:

Key Identification
Key Copy
Key Unlock
Signal Detection
MCU Programming Reading and Writing
96Bit ID48 Light-speed Copy, No Need Token
Bluetooth OBD (optional)
Key Generation and Copy

CGDI K2 Feature:

USB type C port
Android system
4300mAh battery
Built-in WiFi module