How to distinguish the unlocking methods of MB BGA key and CG keyless go key

(1) CGDI keyless go key support type: BGA-76 version and BGA-78 versoin

(2) Including car type below:

W221-S series   W216-S series   W164-ML series   W251-R series  W166-ML series  W164-GL系

(3)The following models are under test(not support yet):

W212-E series(release soon)  W207-C series(release soon)  W204-C series(release soon)

(4)CGDI keyless go key Support any key tool matching and any device reuse.

(5)Unlocking way of CGDI keyless go key:

Way 1:Reset the key with CGDI MB.

Way 2:First press the trunk key, then press lock button until the key light is always on. Wait for 1 second. Press the unlock button, until the key light flashes twice, the key erased successfully.

(6)Ways to distinguish BGA key: The BGA key has three separate buttons, please see the picture below:

Read the BGA key with CGDI MB as picture below:

The current version is CGDI keyless go key support version!

(7)Not support yet:08、09 Version

NEC keyless go key:The three buttons of this key are connected together. This key is mainly used for the old Mercedes Benz car, and the assembly model is the Mercedes Benz car before 2009.


Read the key with CGDI MB as picture below:

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