ME2.8 Renew by CGDI MB and Adapt with Benz DAS Software

ME2.8 ECUs are used in many Mercedes- Benz models with M112/3 engines. When the old ECU is damaged, you need to renew and code it. It’s not difficult to renew by CGDI Porg MB and adapt by MB Star diagnostic DAS or Vediamo.

cgdi mb renew me2.8 ecu 1

Here comes with the related operation video, words and images.

1.Video: ME2 8 Renew by CGDI MB and adapt with DAS

2.The detailed operation guide

Part 1: Renew MB ME2.8 ECU by CGDI MB Tool

Follow the wiring diagram to connect MB Bosch ME 2.8 and CGDI MB key programmer

cgdi mb renew me2.8 ecu 2

Connect CGDI MB and laptop via the USB cable

Then run CGMB software

Go to “Auto Computer”

Select ECU>> Read

Read out the auto computer key info

Click “Get” to get the erase password

The status are initialized, personalized, TP cleared and activated

cgdi mb renew me2.8 ecu 3

Then click “Erase”

After erase successfully, read the auto computer key info again

The erase password disappears, and the status is: personalized and activated are not marked

cgdi mb renew me2.8 ecu 4

Erase/Renew ECU completed, then re-Install ME 2.8 ECU back to vehicle

cgdi mb renew me2.8 ecu 5

Part 2: Adapt ME 2.8 with DAS

Use MB Star Xentry to program a virgin ECU to an existing EIS
Connect MB SD Connect C4 multiplexekr with vehicle via OBD socket via LAN cable
Turn on the ignition switch

Identify the vehicle
Select Control Unit Groups-> Drive->ME2-SFI- Motor electronics-> ME-SFI 2.8-Motor electronics 2.8-> Control Unit adaptation->Learning processes

Teach in of drive authorization system

cgdi mb renew me2.8 ecu 6

Press F1 to continue

Enter VIN as 17-digit code


cgdi mb renew me2.8 ecu 7

Switch off ignition and then switch on

Start the engine

Personalizing in process, wait about 30s

There is a prompt appears “Is this engine control module to remain fitted in the vehicle?”
Press “Yes” to continue

The engine control module is irrevocably assigned to the vehicle.
When it asks “Do you wish to activate control module ME-SFI 2.8?”, press “Yes” to continue

Activating module in process

The learning process has been performed.

The ME 2.8 ECU virgin ME adaption learning process is completed.

cgdi mb renew me2.8 ecu 8
cgdi mb renew me2.8 ecu 8



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