Mercedes Continental SIM271DE ECU Clone: BMW AT200 or CG FC200?

Question: Have a Mercedes SIM271 ECU. The engine was water damaged and car cannot start normally. Any idea which ECU programmer can clone a new one?

Option 1: BMW AT200

To activate AT-200 Mercedes SIM271 Module, you need to pay for the software license.

The Benz SIM271 Read/Write license takes US$275.

The total cost will be AT200 BMW unit $459 + software $329 = $788.

Besides Mercedes SIM271, AT200 will read/write over 1280 ECUs for free.

Check AT200 ECU list.

How to clone SIM271 ECU:

After getting the authorization, open AT200 software to update license

1.Select Mercedes>> MB Continental SIM271DE>> Platform

2.Click ‘Wiring Diagram’ to view the ECU wiring diagram,

Connect AT200 and Benz ECU correctly

Then plug in the AT200 DC12V interface with 12V power supply

3.Identify the ECU information

4.Read ISN info

5.Backup data and save the data for subsequent use

6.Click “Restore Data” to write the ECU data

Option 2: CG FC200

CG FC200 programmer is the update version of AT200, with all license activated and free update online for one year. You don’t need to pay for the software license before use.

Price: $637.98

It supports 4200 kinds of ECUS/EGS, involving 80% of the models on the market.

Check FC200 ECU list.

How to clone SIM271 ECU:

Download and install CG FC200 software before use.

Run FC200 software

Click ‘license’ on the main interface to view the authorization list

Then click ‘Update authorization’ to update license

1.Follow the wiring diagram in the CG FC200 software to connect FC200 and the corresponding ECU, and connect to the laptop

Plug in the FC200 DC12V interface with 12V power supply.

2.Select Mercedes>> MB Continental SIM271DE>> Platform

3.Make sure the Internet is good connection

4.Identify ECU


Then can write data to clone a new SIM271DE ECU.

In conclusion:

Both these two ECU programmer support Mercedes SIM271 clone. But FC200 is more comprehensive and cost-effective.

Attach the related comparison table about authorization.

CG F200 vs AT200

Item Name CG FC200 AT200
MSD80/81/85/87/MSV90 Read/Write Data
Mercedes SIM271 Read/Write Data ×
MSV80 Read/Write Data ×
MSD80/81/85/87/MSV80/90 Write ISN ×
N20/N55 Write ISN(OBD)
B48/B58 Read ISN
BMW F-EGS_6HP Read/Write Data
N13/N20/N55/B38/TC17X Read Data(BENCH)
N13/N20/N55/B38/TC17X Write Data(BENCH)
Volkswagen Bosh MED17 Series Engine Clone ×
B48 B58 Read ISN(Bench)
BOSCH Boot Read/Write Data
VW/Audi EGS Read/Write Data ×
BOSCH ST10(Boot) Read/Write Data ×
MED17/EDC17 data process tool ×


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