CGDI Software Download collect official working software in this page,include:CGDI BMW Software,CGDI MB Software,CG Pro 9S12 Software,CG100 Programmer Software, CG100X Software and CGDI AT200 Software.Download CGDI software and install them on you laptop,all of them work safely.Click below link to skip to the related CGDI software and newest update information.

CGDI Software Download:

Software Download Hardware Function
CGDI BMW Software Download CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 Key Programmer BMW Key Programming,Odometer Corection,ISN Reading,Coding,Data modification
CGDI MB Software Download CGDI Prog MB Benz Key Programmer Benz Key Programming,EIS Data Reading,Password Calculate
CG Pro 9S12 Software Downlaod CG Pro 9S12 Programmer key programming for BMW,Benz,Land Rover and Porsche
CG100 Software Download CG100 PROG III Auto Computer Programmer Read and Write EEPROM,Airbag Restore
AT200 Software Download BMW AT-200 ECU Programmer BMW ECU Data Reading, Writing and Clone
FC-200 Software Download ECU Programming
CG100X Software Download Airbag Reset, Mileage Adjustment and Chip Reading


1.CGDI BMW Software V3.2.4.0  NEW (2022.11.04) Download Here

1.BMW EGS Change: Added 8HP(F) – Bench: (When connecting, it needs to be powered by the device) Read and write MAPS, read and write EEPROM, backup data, restore data functions
2.CAS Mileage Reset: add 9389115; fix 9287535、9395656
3.Fix some bugs and optimize software performance

2.CGDI MB V3.3.2.0(2023.08.20) Download Here

1.Fix the issue of password errors when loading EIS 169 data.

6. CG FC200 V1.1.5.0 Registered Version NEW (2023.08.18) Download Here

1.New platform mode engine for Bosch MPC5xx class: (Note: To be used with MPC5xx adapter)
2.Newly added BOSCH TC17 series platform and boot mode engines: DCU17HD01、DCU17PC42、DCU17PC43、DCU17CV51、DCU17PC_ DNX
3.KEFICO TC series engines add PFlash verification function
4.GM series engines add PFlash verification function
5.Fix the issue where the 8HP transmission does not support the E-series (R5F72519R)
6.Optimize the verification algorithm for VGS2-FDCT type transmissions
7.Fix some MD1CS089 engine connection failure issues
8.Fix some bugs and optimize software performance

7. CG100X New Generation Programmer V1.2.4.0 (2023.08.22) Download Here

1.Added 31 models for instrument mileage adjustment;
2.Added 5 models for airbag computer repair;
3.Added 5 models for data read and write function.

3. CG Pro 9S12 V2.3.0.0 (2023.06.16) Free Download Here

1.Added support in the Chip CPU->MCU
STM32F0 series

2.Added support in the Model


CAS1-2K79X (PFLASH Backup)
CAS1-0L01Y (PFLASH Backup)
EIS-215 (1D69J)


CAS1-2K79X(mode 1)
CAS1-2K79X(mode 2)



3.Software bug fixes and optimizations

-Integrated adapter FLASH pin detection.
-Some models of the PIC16F series fix connection issues.
-SAIC Maxus RV-17 instrument algorithm repair.
4.Update the software user manual.

4. CG100 PROG III Full Version V6.7.2.0  Paid Version (2023.08.21) Download Here

1.Added 20 models for instrument mileage adjustment;
2.Added 5 models for airbag computer repair;
3.Added 5 models for data read and write function.

5.BMW AT-200 AT200 V1.8.5, Software Download and Update Online Here

AT200 V1.8.3 Update Date:
1.Added Mercedes EGS clone models:
VGS-FDCT(TC1766), VGS2-FDCT(TC1784), VGS2-FCVT(TC1766): read and write DFLASH, EXT DFLASH, PFLASH
2. Added Bosch Platform(12 types):
EDC17C73, EDC17CP05, EDC17CP18, M17.8.42, ME17.0.3, ME17.1.1, ME17.1.6, ME17.8.32, ME17.9.23, ME17.9.55, MED17.1.12, MEVD17.4.4
3. Added Bosch Boot(98 types):
EDC17C06, EDC17C08, EDC17C10, EDC17C11, EDC17C18, EDC17C41, EDC17C42, EDC17C43, EDC17C46, EDC17C47, EDC17C49, EDC17C50,
EDC17C53, EDC17C54, EDC17C55, EDC17C56, EDC17C57, EDC17C58, EDC17C59, EDC17C60, EDC17C63, EDC17C64, EDC17C66, EDC17C69 ver2,
EDC17C70, EDC17C74 ver1, EDC17C74 ver2, EDC17C76, EDC17C79, EDC17C83, EDC17C84, EDC17CP01, EDC17CP02, EDC17CP04, EDC17CP06,
EDC17CP07, EDC17CP11, EDC17CP14, EDC17CP15, EDC17CP16, EDC17CP19, EDC17CP20, EDC17CP24, EDC17CP27, EDC17CP37, EDC17CP42,
EDC17CP44, EDC17CP45, EDC17CP46, EDC17CP47, EDC17CP48, EDC17CP49, EDC17CP50, EDC17CP52, EDC17CP54, EDC17CP55, EDC17CP57,
EDC17CP58, EDC17CP60, EDC17CP62, EDC17CP68, EDC17CP74, EDC17CV41, EDC17CV42, EDC17CV44, EDC17CV52, EDC17CV54, EDC17U05,
MED17.0.1, MED17.0.7, MED17.0, MED17.1.1, MED17.1.11, MED17.1.21, MED17.1.6, MED17.1.61, MED17.2, MED17.3.1, MED17.3.3, MED17.3.4,
MED17.3.5, MED17.4, MED17.4.4, MED17.5.1, MED17.5.2, MED17.5.20, MED17.5.21 ver1, MED17.5.21 ver2, MED17.7.1, MED17.7.2, MED17.7.3.1,
MED17.7.3, MED17.7.8, MED17.8.3, MED17.8.32, MED17.9.30, MED17.9.63, MED17.9.7
4. Added ECU(BMW)read and write ISN: MEV17.2.1
5. Added ECU(BMW)read and write ISN, VIN: MEVD17.2.8
6. Added ECU(Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen(VW))read and write VIN: MED17.5
7. Added ECU(Ducati, Hyundai, Kia)read and write VIN: ME17.9.21, ME17.9.21.1, MEG17.9.21
8. Added ECU(Jaguar, Land Rover, Lincoln)read and write VIN: MED17.0
9. Fix some bugs and optimize software performance

CG70 Airbag Reset Tool V1.0.4.0  NEW (2023.08.14), Free Download Here 

1.Fixed some airbag Crash faults in the Great Wall XC series that cannot be repaired.
2.Added and modified some wiring diagrams.
3.Added 1240 additional airbag models.
4.Some known problems fixed.