CG FC200 V1.2.1.0 Update: Added Toyota Denso Gen3 ECUs

CG FC200 released the newest software V1.2.1.0 on June 19th, 2024. It added DELPHI ECUs OBD, Bench and Boot modes, and Toyota DENSO GEN3 ECUs, etc.

Update details:
1.Added China DELPHI ECUs, supporting OBD and BENCH modes:
MT20U MC912DT128
MT22U MC9S12XET256
MT20U2 MC9S12KG256
MT22.1 MC9S12XEQ512
MT22.1.1 MC9S12XET256
2.Added DELPHI ECUs:
BENCH mode:
China DCM7.24
China DCM7.1AP
Hyundai/Kia DCM7.1AP
Tata DCM2.5
BOOT mode:
3.Added DENSO ECUs:
GEN3 R7F701202
GEN3 R7F701216
Pxxx SH72543
S5xx SH72546
SHxx SH72543
33920-xxxx_1N83 MPC5746
4. Added PFlash verification function to Denso ECU
5. Added PFlash/ExtFlash verification function to BOSCH MPC5xx ECU
6. Optimize Flash verification function for BOSCH MG1/MD1 ECU

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