CG FC200 V1.2.0.0 Update: Added SID209, SIM2K-341, BOSCH TC17, DCM7.1A, DCM7.1B ECUs

CG FC200 updated the latest software V1.2.0.0 in May 2024.

Update details:

1.Added CONTINEN type ECU: SID209, SIM2K-341 (ECU)

2.Added BOSCH TC17 ECUs: MINI: MED17.2.2, Ford/MB: DCU17PC01, Hyundai: DCU24, Peugeot: ME17.9.53, BOBCAT: EDC17C87, McLaren: ME17.8.33

3.Added Renesas chip ECU:

Honda: KEIHIN 37820-xxx-xxx SH7058, DELPHI DCM3.7AP_CHINA SH72544

FAW: DENSO TD112700-xxxx SH72530

4.Added Delphi TC2xx ECU: DCM7.1A/DCM7.1B

5.Hyundai: DENSO 33910-05005 adds the function of reading DFlash

6.MED17_China adds a new password reading function

7.Optimize the verification function of BOSCH/CONTINENTAL/KEFICO/DELPHI TC17 ECUs

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