How to Repair Mileage on VW MQB R7F7014xx with CG100X?

CGDI CG100X Programmer added VW MQB R7F7014xx mileage repair model in the newest software V1.4.1.0 on March 8th, 2024. Only support MQB R7F701402 and R7F701407 chips currently (keep updating). Require D1 Adapter to work with CG100X. No Soldering! No Lift Pin! Security decryption, stable operation!

Compatible MQB R7F7014xx car models:

Volkswagen Passat, Magotan, T-ROC, Tayron, Bora, Sagitar, Tharu, Teramont, Tiguan, Lamando, CC, Golf, etc

CGDI CG100X MQB R7F701402 Mileage Correction:

  • Power on the interface diagram

  • Capacitor removal way wiring diagram

Remove those components.

Do not extend the wire harness of the CG100X D1 adapter.

CGDI CG100X MQB R7F701407 Mileage Correction:

  • Capacitor removal way wiring diagram

After connection, click “Start operation” and follow the instruction to operate.

If it shows “Please contact our technician to repair the dashboard”, the main reason is that the

VAG MQB RH850/V850 mileage correction algorithms are not built-in. Need to read the mileage data, send data to CGDI technician to modify mileage, and write modified data back to cluster.

In addition to adding VW MQB R7F7014xx mileage repair model, CG100X V1.4.1.0 also added 35 models to the programmer and dashboard read-write.

Update details:

  • Added 5 chips to Programmer.
  • Added 28 models to dashboard.
  • Added 2 models to read-write.

The following chips are added for Programmer.






The following models are added for dashboard.

baoding grabbing machine Wheel type wood grabber 24C04

BAIC MOTOR X7 2022- 24C16 (Dashboard)+95320 (BCM)

BAIC Weiwang M20 2014- 24C02 V2

BYD AUTO BYD Tang 2021- 24C16

Buick GL8 2013- 9S12H256

DongFeng brave warrior X5043

Toyota Previa MB91F060BS

Ford Territor S 2021- 24C16

FOTON Auman GTL 24C04

FOTON XiangLing Q 2023- 24C16

Haima HaiMa S7 2013- 24C04

Huatai Santafe A25 2016- 24C02

JAC haoyun 2020- 24C04

JMC Bus 2019- CAT1023

JMC YuHu 9 S6J334C

JieFang J7 24LC04

KaiMa Kaijie 2022- 24C04

MG MG 2015- 24C16 (BCM)

SANY SI16C Digger 24C04

Hyundai I10 2017- 24C16

XCMG 55 Excavator 2013- 24C64

ChangAn Auchan EV MPC5606S (SC667585CL SPC5606S)

ChangAn shenqi 24C04

ChangAn RuiXing M60 2022- 24C04

ChangAn RuiXing M60 2023- 9S12HY64

ChangAn Auchan X7(PLUS) 2022- 24C64

CNHTC HOWO -7 2016- 95640 (time)

CNHTC HOWO N5G270 2022- 95640

The following models are added for dashboard read-write.

Geely Yuanjing S1 2018- 24C16 Dashboard+D70F3637 BCM (read writer)

KIA seltos 2021- R7F701034 (read write)

Please connect CG100X Programmer and computer via USB cable, and follow the prompt to update directly.

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