CGDI MB with 08 Version Keyless Go Key Program W211

Customer feedback:

Use CGDI Prog MB and 08 Version Keyless Go Key 2-in-1 to add new key to Mercedes W211 successfully.

1.Test key frequency

Use KEYDIY device to test the frequency of original key and CGDI MB 08 version keyless Go key separately

The original key is 433 MHz, and the keylessGo key is 315 MHz.

2.Switch keylessgo key frequency

Put the CGDI MB 08 Version into the coil of CGDI MB key programmer

Run CGDI MB software, go to Read/Write Key and switch key frequency to 433 MHz successfully

Test the keyless go key again, and the frequency is the same as the original key

3.Update CGPKE Key

The CGDI MB BE key is already the latest version.

4.Read EIS data

Read out the EIS basic info and key info

5.Read BE key password

Click “Read BE Key password” to read out the password, copy it

6.Save EIS data

Paste the key password to EIS-EZS password position, and save the EIS data

7.Generate key file

Load the EIS data to generate, and save the file

8.Write key

Go to Read/Write Key function again, open the key file just generated to write

Write key with CGDI MB successfully

9.Use the CGDI MB 08 Version BE Key to start the car normally.


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