CGDI MB Keyless Go Key Tutorials

CGDI MB  keyless go key support types:

W204-c series
W207-c series
W212-e series
W221-s series
W216-s series
W164-ml series
W251-r series
W166-ml series
W164-gl series


How to use CG keyless go key?

1. Check your car type ,if it can support by CG keyless go key .
2. Check the frequence is right or not ,
3. The car key version should be same (76,78).
4. Your orignial car should can support keyless go function good
5. Choose 41 format6. You read the EIS data from your car (car no moving ),then you add your key step by step .

If Keylessgo Key not working correctly:Please follow the steps below to check one by one.

1 Whether the newly programmed keylessgo key can be inserted into the lock to ignite successfully, and whether the car can be started
2 The key file must be newly generated, and the car cannot leave when the key is making
3 Make sure if the original key has keylessgo function and whether the original key keylessgo is able to use (read the EIS and key by CGDI MB and send pictures over)
4 Is the model and car series on our support list?
5 Our keys are divided into old and new keys. Some models of old keys do not support
6 Is the original car key version 76/78?
7 Check if the remote fundtion works on the new key. If the remote is useless, it means that the frequency is wrong, and keylessgo won’t work either. The new keylessgo key can switch frequency
8 If there is a one-key-start function, but there is no keyless entry function, it is a key problem, change the key.
9 If all of the above are correct, erase the key and re-match it.

If it doesn’t work still, change another brand new keylessgo key to try again.

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