CG PRO 9S12 Read & Write Volvo S60L 2015 KVM No Issues

This post comes with the guide to read and write 2015 Volvo S60L KVM module by CG PRO 9S12 programmer before programming key or repairing .


Car information:

Car model: Volvo S60L

Year: 2015

Module: KVM

SN: 30659730

Chip: 9S12DG256-0L01Y



Step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Turn off the ignition switch, remove the KVM module from the right rear position of the car


Step 2: Dismantle the KVM module and confirm the SN and chip

cg-pro-9s12-read-write-2015-volvo-s60-kvm-3 cg-pro-9s12-read-write-2015-volvo-s60-kvm-4 cg-pro-9s12-read-write-2015-volvo-s60-kvm-5

Step 3: Open CG PRO software

Select the corresponding type, car make and model

Follow the wiring diagram to connect KVM module to CG PRO 9S12 programmer via DB25 adapter

cg-pro-9s12-read-write-2015-volvo-s60-kvm-6 cg-pro-9s12-read-write-2015-volvo-s60-kvm-7 cg-pro-9s12-read-write-2015-volvo-s60-kvm-8 cg-pro-9s12-read-write-2015-volvo-s60-kvm-9

Step 4: Make sure the connection is right

Click “Read” to read EEPROM original data


Save the data read out


Save the file successfully


Then you can program key or repair according to your need.



CG Pro 9S12 Programmer Full Version Including All Adapters:

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