CG007 Godzilla Key CNC Machine V3.4.2.0 Update

CG007 Godzilla Key CNC Machine V3.4.2.0 updated on Sept.9th, 2023.

Update details:

1.Added 1 new Beiben heavy truck model key: V3;

2.Added 13 new types of BAIC model keys: BJ20, BJ40, BJ40L, X3, Warrior, Changhe Q25, Changhe Q35, Huansu H2, Saab CC, Saab D50, Saab X55, New Energy EU, New Energy EU5;

3.Added 1 new Bisu model key: M3;

4.Added 9 new BYD model keys: E6, F3R, G3, M6, Qin PRO, S6, Song MAX, Tang, and Song DM.

Users can update the CG CG007 Automotive Key Cutting Machine by connecting the machine to internet-connected Wifi. The server is available and free of region restriction for online update. Update log will automatically display in software.

Author: admin