CG100 Prog III V6.7.4.0 Software Update

CG100 Prog III V6.7.4.0 updated on Sept.6th, 2023.

  1. Added 34 models to dashboard.
  2. Added 3 models to read-write.

Free download CG100 Software V6.7.4.0

For the customers who downloaded the older version: Connect CG100 Prog III Programmer and computer via USB cable, and follow the prompt to update directly.

Update details:

It added the same models for the dashboard and read-write as CG100X V1.2.6.0 except Trumpchi GA4 R7F701401, Geely Emperor Hao L Thunder God Hybrid 2022-FS32K144, and Zhonghua V7 D70F3532 (read-write).

The following models are added for dashboard.

Beijing BJ80 2017-MPC5606S (Dashboard) + 95320 (BCM)

Honda Motor ruiying110 2019-24C04

Delong M3000S 25640

DongFeng Huashen 2021-STM32F103VE

SouthEast DX3 2018-24C16

Toyota VIOS 2004-93C46

FOTON xiaokazhixingQ 2019-STM8S105C4

Trumpchi GS4 2020-24C16

HOWO HOWO Chasing dreams 2022-CAT1023

JAC Kangling J5 2021-24C16

JieFang Lyut Anger 2018-24LC04

JieFang jiefang HU VN 2019-24C16

LOVOL 704Tractor STM8S207RB

Liugong 906 Digging machine 2019-25640

LonKing 906EDigger 25640

Nanjun Light Truck 2020-93C46

Ford EST Carlog 24C64

Chery Tiggo 7PIus 24C64

Chery TiggoE 2019-24C04

Shanhe Intelligence Digger 2014-X5043

HONGYAN ZiXieChe 2012-24C64

ShiFeng 102 2012-24C04

Wuling Rongguang EV 2020-24C16

WuLing RongGuangS 2022-24C16

Hyundai Hongtu Freight Car 2020-9S12XHY128

Iveco IVECO 2018-24C02

YUEJIN C500 2019-9S12HY64

ChangAn Alsvin V7 2016-9S12HY64

ChangAn Chang’an star 9 2020-9S12HY64

ChangAn changanKUAYUEWANG X1 2021-9S12HY48

ChangAn KUAYUEWANG X5 2020-9S12HY48

Great Wall Havel H6 2018-93C56

Great Wall Euler good catGT 24C64

CNHTC HOWO hanjiang 2004-93C66 (time)

The following models are added for dashboard read-write.

FJMOTOR Keyton 2020-R5F10DPxxx (read write)

JMC Transit D70F3525 (read write)

Chery Tiggo 7 2020-S6J328CKSP (read write)


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