CGDI CG70 Auto Repair KIA K3 Airbag ECU

It’s easy and fast to read fault code and auto repair KIA K3 Airbag ECU with an 8-foot chip (95128) using CGDI CG70 Airbag Reset Tool, no dismantling, no welding, non-destructive repair, no need to read the 8-foot data inside.

Connect CG70 to the computer via USB cable, and connect to the KIA airbag computer with CAN-H, CAN-L, 12V, and Ground cables according to the wiring diagram in the software, and also plug the power supply to CG70.

Run CG70 Airbag Reset Tool software (i.e. V1.0.2.0)

Click Read DTC to read out the ECU part number (95910-B5100) and two fault codes (B1651:00-89, B1650:00-89)

Click Auto Repair to clear the fault code

The two fault codes disappear

KIA K3 Airbag ECU was repaired by CGDI CG70 successfully!

Finally, unplug the power supply, and disconnect the cables one by one.

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