VW BOSCH ME17.5.20 TC1767 Fully Backup by CG FC200

Have a VW ME17.5.20 ECU, using CG FC200 to read and backup DFlash and PFlash successfully by Bosch number query, only 2 minutes!

Connect CG FC200 programmer, VW ECU, and computer properly by following the wiring diagram in the FC200 software

Click ‘Bosch search’ to input the Bosch number

The related ECU type that has been searched is ME 17.5.20

Back to the main operation interface to select the ECU ‘BOSCH ME17.5.20 TC1767’

Also, select the engine-gearbox 1000 MPI CHJA60

Identify the ECU chip is TC1767 successfully

Then read DFlash and save the data readout

Finally, read PFlash successfully as well, then backup data.

It’s so easy and fast to read and fully backup data on VW BOSCH ME17.5.20 TC1767 by CG FC200 ECU programmer.


Author: admin