Where to Buy CGDI Software Authorization?

CGDI software authorizations are available at cgdishop.com which is the CGDI authorized online official dealer. Here you can purchase CG FC200 & CG100 one year update service, CGDI MB token+ mileage repair authorization, CGDI BMW upgrade service+ Data modification and verification+ ICOM free activation, and BMW AT200 upgrade for Benz, BMW, VW read/write data.


Kindly notice:

  • All software authorizations are online service, no need shipping.

*CGDI MB FBS Mileage repair authorization Version 2& Version 3 can get free 205 Extend Board by DHL.

  • Please send us the related serial number of your CGDI deviceafter payment.
  • Authorization can be ready in 24 working hours.
  • Pay attention to the instructions for each authorization on the relevant page.

Src: https://www.cgdishop.com/wholesale/software-authorizations/


CG FC200 ECU Programmer:


CG100 Prog III:



  1. Token Service:


2.Mileage Repair Authorization Service:



1.Upgrade Service:

This authorization includes all:

A0000015   B48 B58 read ISN

A0000017   MSD80/81/85/87/MSV80/MSV90 read ISN

A0000018   N13/N20/N55/B38 Read and Write ISN

2.Data modification and verification:

3.ICOM Free Activation:


BMW AT200:


Contact us:

Email: sales@CGDISHOP.com

Whatsapp/Tel: +86-13995696053



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