2022 Newest CG Volvo TMS570 OBD Airbag Reset Tool User Guide

The newly-developed CG Volvo TMS570 OBD Airbag Reset Tool is coming! It’s special for the collision memory clearing without opening the cover and welding wire. It has been verified by many customers, 100% stable and safe.


CG Volvo TMS570 overview:

Since Volvo’s new airbag ECU stores collision memory after a vehicle accident, it is difficult for common programmers to reset it successfully, which makes the maintenance very troublesome.

CG OBD airbag ECU reset tool solves this problem perfectly.


It comes with TMS570 airbag tool host and 4 pins cable.


It supports the latest Volvo TMS570 airbag ECU, and more models are under development. During the maintenance process, there is no need to refer to the ACU number.


As long as it is Volvo’s new airbag ECU, the collision memory code can be cleared via the OBD-CAN protocol and the vehicle can be perfectly resurrected.


Moreover, no need annual fee, unlimited, just repair one and pay back!


How to use CG Volvo TMS570?

1.Connection diagram:


2.Operation guide:

Make sure your airbag the logo page is facing up and level.

Follow the diagram to connect the device

Connect 12V power to device

Push the start button

After the yellow light blink, green light on. Then the crash has been repaired succeed.


3.Result instruction:


Available link to get 2022 Newest CG Volvo TMS570 OBD Airbag Reset Tool:



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