BMW FRM ST10F269 Read and Write by CG Pro 9S12?

Customer problem:

My frmfa module ST10F269 was faulty. So I bought a new or used one. But my HEXPROG doesn’t support it. I was informed that it’s just a plug and play, no need coding on a car. Is it true? Or I’m going to fail? I’m on my way to that particular E90 330i. engineer replied:

You can use CG Pro 9S12 to read/write BMW FRM2. ST10F269 on Bench.

It’s a little difficult to wire FRM2 ST10F269 and CG Pro to read and write. Using a multimeter can help you find the different points easily.

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CG Pro 9S12 Read/Write BMW FRM2. ST10F269 on Bench

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