CG FC200 Clones MQB DQ250 TCM for Skoda Kodiaq 2020

6 Speed DSG MQB VAG Group (Volkswagen Audi Skoda SEAT) DQ250 TCM can be cloned and programmed by CG FC200 ECU programmer. Check the related test report below.

This is MQB DQ250 TCM for Skoda Kodiaq 2020. The manufacturing date of this unit is Nov.16th, 2016.

I have connected CG FC200 to the new DSG and computer according to the wiring diagram in FC200 software, and the 12 volts power is connected to FC200 as well.

I also have already full back up data from the original DSG.

Now I make a folder and name it as donor to read the new DSG data.

Run CG FC200 software

Select Volkswagen (VW)>> VAG_TEMIC_DQ250-MQB TC1766>> 1000 TSI CHZD 116>> Platform

First, click Identification to connect to the server to get the authorization code

Next, read DFlash, Ext DFlash, and PFlash data in sequence

Save the related data one by one

Then, select the original DFlash, Ext DFlash, and PFlash data to write into the new DSG

When clicking the related function ‘Write DFlash’, ‘Write Ext DFlash’ an ‘Write PFlash’, it will show ‘Data is about to be written. This operation will overwrite the original data of the ECU. Please ensure that the data is backed up. Whether to continue.’ Just confirm it and click Yes to continue.

It takes about 2 minutes to complete the writing process.

Alright, write original data into new DSG successfully

CG FC200 perfectly clones MQB DQ250 TCM for Skoda Kodiaq 2020.

Finally, click ‘Disconnect’ in CG FC200 software and disconnect FC200 and DSG, install the new DSG to the car for test, works great!


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