CG FC200 Full Backup 2010 BMW X1 E84 Bosch EDC17CP02 on Bench

This is a new test report about CG FC200 ECU programmer. It has been tested on a 2010 BMW X1 E84, read and write Bosch EDC17CP02 perfectly.

Something important to know:
We will read and write back the dump. The dump is with stage 1. It’s only stage 1. Have the backup before sending this file to the tuner. Don’t use these files that you find on the internet. It’s better to pay and send these files for somebody else to make tuning for you, and they will do the tuning and the correction that they have programs will cost thousands of Euros. Never buy these from ebay or something, because you should use the original file from the car. Don’t take your risk to take these ready files and block your ECU.

Now let’s check the test on CG FC200.
Connect CG FC200 to ECU and computer correctly

Then run CG FC200 software (it’s V3.0)
Select BMW, X1 Series (E84), 20d sDrive N47D20 177, BOSCH EDC17CP02 TC1766
And click Platform to enter the operation interface

The wiring diagram is clear to see.

Identify the ECU successfully
Then start to read DFlash, PFlash and write PFlash one by one.
Read Dflash data and backup

Read Pflash data and backup

After backup, write Pflash
Select the original stage 1 file to write back

You don’t want to pay extra for that.
Confirm to verify the file to be written (verify whether the file is correct or not)
Write data successfully

There is a little bit different on this program is this file and another one existing in the ECU
Finally, install the ECU back to the car and test
It starts normally.

OK! CG FC200 programmer works great on the 2010 BMW X1 E84 Bosch edc17CP02.

Credits to @YOYO Diagnostic!

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