CG FC200 V1.1.8.0 Update: Added BMW MEVD17.8.4, ME17.2.42, etc

CG FC200 newest software V1.1.8.0 updated on Feb.2nd, 2024.

Update details:

  1. Added Hyundai/Kia TCU: TC60.x.x
  2. Added M7/ME7/M17 ST10F725/6 immo off function
  3. Added GM E80 BOOT mode
  4. Added BMW ECUs: MEVD17.8.4, ME17.2.42
  5. Added Peugeot/Citroen MED17.4.2 TC1767 platform mode
  6. Added EDC17C84 modify VIN function
  7. Fixed some bugs
  • Fix the problem that some MD1CS089 cannot start the car after reading and writing data
  • Fix the problem that Mercedes-Benz 9GT TCU cloning failure
  • Fix the problem that failure to write PFIash in GM 6T/6L gearbox
  • Fix the problem that GPEC2A unrecognized
  • Fix the problem that some ECUs such as EDC16C1 and EDC16CP35 fail to write to ExtFlash
  • Volkswagen MED9.1 MPC563/4 supplementary wiring diagram
  • Hyundai/Kia EDC17CP14 corrected reading password wiring diagram
  • Volkswagen MED17.5 platform mode supplements other wiring diagrams
  • IVECO EDC17C69 supplementary wiring diagram

Author: admin