CG FC200 V1.1.7.0 Update: Added Simos8.4x, Simos12.x, MEVD17.8.4

CG FC200 updated the newest software V1.1.7.0 on Nov.24th, 2023.

Update details:

1.Added Volvo Electric Equipment ECU: MB279700-9500, MB279700-9801, MB279700-9811

2.Added Audi ECU: Simos8.4x, Simos12.x

3.Added new Hyundai ECU/TCU: SIM2K-240_ ECU, SIM2K-341_ TCU

4.Fixed issues with some ECU cloning failures: MED17.3.1/MED17.7.2/MED117.7.3/MED17.5.5 and general Exx series, etc

5.Fixed the issue of some universal ECU recognition failures: E78/E39/E39A/E80, etc

6.Lovol added ECU: EDC17CV43

7.BMW added ECU: MEVD17.8.4

8.Added ECU for PFlash verification algorithm: MSV90, SID807EVO, EMS3110, SIM2K-240_ ECU, SIM2K-341_ TCU, Simos12.x, Simos8.4

9.Added and modified ECU for VIN: CPGDSH1.21.6, CPGDSH2.2x.x

10.Optimized the PFlash verification algorithm for DQ380

11.Fixed some bugs and optimize software performance

Free download CG FC200 V1.1.7.0:

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