How to Choose CGDI MB FBS3 BGA Keyless Go Key for Mercedes 2010-?


There are 2 versions of CGDI keyless go rom76 keys with different circuit designs (small and big ATMEL chip). Which version is preferable?

Here is the answer from engineer.

The smart key with a big ATMEL chip (and no RF resistance) is the old version. It’s recommended to use the new version.

The CG MB FBS3 Keyless Go Key supports 315/433MHZ for Mercedes W204 W207 W212 W164 W166 W216 W221 W251 after Year 2010.

In addition, it supports both 76 & 78 Version and CGDI MB Infrared Upgrade.

Car Models supported:

W204-C Series

W207-E Series

W212-E Series

W221-S Series

W216-S Series

W164-ML Series

W251-R Series

W166-ML Series

W164-GL Series

You can buy CG MB FBS3 Keyless Go Key PCB alone, or buy Key PCB with 3 Button Shell/4 Button Shell.

  • CG MB FBS3 KeylessGo Key PCB:

Price: US$45.99 with free shipping

Get 1 Free Token

  • 5pcs CG MB FBS3 KeylessGo Key with 3 or 4 Button Shell:

Price: US$229.00 with free shipping

Get 5 Free Tokens

  • 10pcs CG MB FBS3 KeylessGo Key with 3 or 4 Button Shell:

Price: US$449.00 with free shipping

Get 10 Free Tokens


You can get 200 bonus points when use CGDI Prog MB to program each key.

200 points= 1 token for CGDI MB (token valued $4 when you buy it alone).

For the points, if you don’t need to change for token, you can also exchange for other device on CGDI online store later.

Check more details: CGMB Key Points Policy and Quick Guide

How to Use CG MB FBS3 KeylessGo Key?

  1. Check your car type, if it can support by CG keyless go key
  2. Check the frequence is right or not
  3. The car key version should be same (76, 78)
  4. Your original car should support keyless go function good
  5. Choose 41 format
  6. You read the EIS data from your car (car no moving), then you add your key step by step.

Reference: CGDI MB Add Benz W166-ML350 Keyless Go Key

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