CG100X Repair/ Change VW MQB D70F34XX and D70F35XX Mileage No Soldering

How to use CGDI CG100X Programmer to repair/change VAG MQB D70F34XX and D70F35XX processor mileage without soldering?


1. Update CG100X software to V1.3.5.0 (click here to check the update info)

2. Need a D1 Adapter


  • No soldering
  • No cutting wires
  • No lifting pin
  • Can be reused
  • Protect the original instrument circuit board
  • Correct mileage fast without any risk

CG100X and D1 Adapter Pinouts to VAG MQB Cluster:

Kindly notice:

1. Pay attention to the direction of the four corners of the CG100X D1 adapter on the wiring diagram

2. Do not extend the wire harness of the D1 Adapter

Connect CGDI CG100X, D1 Adapter, MQB instrument board, and computer correctly, supply 12V power to the device as well, and then operate on CG100X software.

Keep network connection normal

Menu Path:

Instrument>> Input mqb or  D70F34 or D70F35 to quickly obtain the MQB model which is in the removal of capacitor way

Double-click the model

Check the precautions and then start operation

CG100X D1 Adapter:

CGDI CG100X New Generation Programmer:


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