CG100X with 35X-CAN Adapter Change Mileage for 2019 Toyota Camry

This post comes with the guide to do 2019 Toyota Camry mileage adjustment with CGDI CG100X Programmer, no need opening the shell, no need welding.


One customer reported that his original 2019 Toyota Carmy dashboard was damaged and cannot communicate. He bought a new dashboard to replace it, but the mileage was too high and he could not use it. It needs to change km to the same as the original.

The original car km: 35123km

The new dashboard km: 75861km

With the R7F701406 BGA chip


Use CG100X and 35X- CAN Adapter to change mileage.


Connect CG100X programmer and computer

Run CG100X software

Select Dashboard>> Asian car>> TOYOTA>> CARMY>> 2018- R7F701406 (CAN)

Check the wiring diagram

There are 5 cables need to be connected. (CAN-H, CAN-L, GND, +12V)

If you don’t distinguish the cable in color, check the corresponding cable name in the CAN cable.

Connect CG200 35X-CAN Adapter to dashboard via the CAN cable, and connect to CG100X

After connection, click “Start operation”

Read and backup the original data

Confirm the km identified, and change new km

No need to click “write”

Wait a moment and the mileage is modified successfully.

Finally, disconnect the device and supply power to test the dashboard, now the mileage is the same as the original dashboard.

Result: CGDI CG100X with 35X- CAN Adapter repair mileage on 2019 Toyota Camry perfectly.


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