CGDI CG100X Six Functions Review: Adds VW MQB Mileage Repair

CGDI CG100X is a comprehensive new generation programmer covering dashboard mileage repair, airbag repair, body control module repair, accessory clone replacement, various chip data reading and writing and car key matching for 90% of the car models and modules in the market, including American, German, French, European, Korean, Japanese, Italian, domestic series, as well as engineering vehicles and motorcycles.

CG100X hardware configuration:

1pc x CG100 Hardware

1pc x EEPROM Holder

2pcs x EEPROM Adapter

1pc x 35X- CAN Adapter

1pc x 12V Power Adapter

1pc x PRO Cable

1pc x USB Cable

1pc x CAN Cable

1pc x EEPROM Soldering Cable

1pc x EEPROM Clip

CG100X function instruction:

When you run CG100X software after downloading and installation, you can see the function menu on the page incl. Dashboard, Airbag, ECU, BCM, Programmer and Key.

1.Dashboard mileage repair

The software is embedded with intelligent algorithms, automatic analysis of mileage data, support for more than 4600 models, success rate of more than 95%, and keep up with the market, real-time upgrades in progress.

Moreover, it also supports VW MQB mileage repair, includes D70F3526 (A2C81589700) (read write), D70F3529 (read write), D70F3532 (A2C81589500) (read write).

Car models cover Golf, Magotan, Lavida, T-ROC, Tayron, Bora, Sagitar, Lamando, CC, Variant, Teramont, Skoda, Octavia, Kodiak and other models.

  • Operation:

Enter “Dashboard” function, select car series, brand, model and year/chip, double-click the year/chip you selected or click “Next”, and you can see the related operation instructions (precautions, EEPROM adapter required and wiring diagram). Then click “Start Operation” to do step by step.

2.Airbag repair

It contains more than 4,500 ECU models, dedicated to solving airbag failures, analyzing the cause of the light, perfectly clearing fault codes, and more models are continuously being added.

  • Operation:

Run CGDI CG100X software Enter “Airbag” function, select car series, brand, number and chip, double-click the chip you selected or click “Next”, and you can see the related operation instructions (precautions, eeprom adapter or cable required and wiring diagram). Then click “Start Operation” to do step by step.

3.Body control module repair

It’s specialized in automotive electronic fault repair, good at all kinds of common problems repair, support auto repair commonly used engine computer, steering angle, foot space module, keyless entry module, audio amplifier, transmission computer, 48V light lithium battery, 12V lithium battery and other kinds of body compute. A body computer provides vehicle data and assists repairmen in resolving vehicle failures.

  • ECU repair operation:

Enter “ECU” function, select car brand, model, number and chip, double-click the chip you selected or click “Next”, and you can see the 35X-CAN Adapter required and wiring diagram. Then perform read eeprom, write eeprom, read flash and write flash.

  • BCM operation:

Enter “BCM” function, select car brand, module, model, and number/ chip, double-click the number/chip you selected or click “Next”, and you can check the precautions, Pro adaptation line required and wiring diagram. Then click “Start Operation” to do step by step.

4.Accessory clone replacement

It solves the pain points of repair shops, a single device can replace parts, data cloning, analysis and repair, one-click operation.

5.Various chip data reading and writing

It covers more than 90% of car chips, and supports more than 1800 models read, modify, write, erase, partition and save, still can also analyze data with the browser that comes with the software.

  • Operation:

Enter “Programmer” function, select manufacturer, series and chip, double-click the chip you selected or click “Next”, and then you can see the pin diagram, and perform the function you want such as read data, write data, erase, etc.

24 series, series, 35series, 93series, 95series, X50series, S29series, RHseries, CAT10 series, CR series


MB90 series, MB91 series, MB96 series


PIC18F series

Texas Instruments (TI)

TMS series


S32K1 series


9S08 series, 9S12 series, HC908 series, HC912 series, MAC series, MPC56 series


ATMEGA series


H8SX series, M32R series, R5F10D series, RH850 series, V850 series


TC series, XC series


SPC series, ST10F series, STM32F series, STM8 series


S6J series

6.Key function

CG100X programmer supports car key matching for BMW CAS series and Land Rover models, automatically displays key ID and usage status, and assists locksmiths to complete key matching work.

  • Operation:

Enter “Key” function, select BMW CAS series or LandRover key, and follow the on-screen instruction to do.

2023 Newest CGDI CG100X New Generation Programmer:


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