CG100 Prog III Repair BMW FRM in Two Ways

How to repair BMW FRM by CG100 Prog? Check the step-by-step guide as below.

What you need:

CG100 Pro III programmer
BDM+4 adapter

BMW FRM module: here take 9S12XEQ384 (3M25J) as an example

Laptop or desktop


Run CG100 software

Note: Download: CG100 software V6.2.2.0 download

Enter BCM menu

Select the corresponding car brand-> module-> model-> Number/ Chip:

Method 1:

BMW-> FRM- Foot Space (free code)-> BMW E Series-> 9S12XEQ384 (3M25J)

Click on BMW E Series Foot Space Computer to check the wiring diagram

Then follow it connect BMW FRM module with BDM+4 adapter and CG100 prog

Please kindly notice:

The option restores the original car configuration data. After the repair is successful, there is no need to set the code again. It cannot repair the device that has been repaired or lost data.

Click Start to continue

Reading DFLASH data of chip…

Save the data has been read

Confirm to repair

Detect the current chip mask and memory

Write EEPROM of chip

Check PFLASH of chip

Repairing succeeded!

Method 2:

BMW-> FRM- Foot Space-> E87 E92 E93 AHL-> 9S12XEQ384 (3M25J)

Select BMW E Series Foot Space Computer

Connect the wires depends on the wiring diagram

Click Start

The following steps are same as method 1.

Read EEPROM of chip and save


The current chip mask and memory capacity have been detected are same as method 1

Repair BDM board data successfully

Finally, install the FRM back to the car

FYI, here is the related video about CG100 prog 3 repair BMW FRM:

Besides that, you can also use CG PRO 9S12 to repair BMW E series FRM data (Unlock).

How to Repair BMW E Series FRM Data (Unlock) by CG PRO 9S12?

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