CGDI MB Prog All Keys Lost Programming for Old Benz 164 W221

This instruction show you guide on how to use CGDI MB Prog to perform all key lost programming for Mercedes Benz old version 164 W221.



CGDI MB Programmer

EIS,IR key

CGDI Benz AC Adapter



Run CGDI MB software then click “Wiring Diagram”–>”164 old without gateway”,follow diagram picture to build connection.After conneciton,please check again and then plug power supply adapter for AC adapter,and switch to platform mode.


Back to menu to click “Read EIS Data”,it will show the EIS information after reading successfully.

Select “Compute Password” option,then select “Copy key without key”

Follow the prompt massage to operate

Insert the simulation key into the EIS

Click “Collect Data”,then select “Fast mode”

Wait for data collection,it will ask you to insert the simulation key within 1 minute,if you have inserted,please pull out and try again.

During data collection,please hold the simulator key in the on position,like below

It will take several minutes to finish data collect data,please hold on.

After EIS data collection successfully,please pull out IR key and save the data on your pc

Upload the EIS data to calculate key password,click “Query result” button

Password calculation successfully

Back to “EIS-EZS” option to select “Save EIS data”

After then select “Generate Key File” option,and click “Load File” button

Load the file you saved just now

Then click “Generate” button,then salvee Key.bin file

Now select “Read/Write Key” option,and plug a new key into CGDI MB coil

Click “Read Key/Chip” button,then click “Reset” button

Then click “Open File/Write” button,it will prompt you that

Smart key please choose 41 format,common key and BE key please choose 51 format

Choose 51 format file to write it,because it is a BE key

Write success!

Now insert the key into EIS to learn,you need turn from off to on potion several time

Then back to software to click “Read EIS Data” again to check key position

New key has been added.

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