How to Solve Mercedes W204 Lost Original EIS with CGDI MB?

@Abu Aldahab:

Question 1:

I lost the original eis, where will get car password?

Last week i have 204 eis is damaged and try to do with CGDI MB. But the problem is how can i get car password and by vvdi prog i read eis and get car password but in w210 it can read nec key chip and get password.


Question 2:

If i have 210 202 i can use donar eis password no problem? and elv no need to change or reprogram ?


@Sergey Gorbachev:

Answer question 1:

Use CGDI MB key programmer to solve the original EIS loss: Read ecu, click on that tab “generate eis data” button, come up with eight byte password, insert it to pass field, save eis data, wipe donor eis, write to it new eis data, make the key(s) for new eis, wipe elv & marry it to eis or use an elv emulator, start the car.

There is no such thing as “car password”. There are key passwords for eis (and the same for elv for w204/207/212) and ecu, ism, gearbox, elv wipe passes. They are different and absolutely independent, so no control module knows about any other module passes, except married eis&elv&keys on 204/212. That means you could use any pass for eis you want. You just have to make the new keys for that pass. The only thing the car checks is eis SSID and Vin from my 2007, afair.


Answer question 2: Not quite. You could use any pass, even old pass, or wipe pass, anything except all zeros and all ffs. But you have to change the ssid in eis to match the remembered one in the fbs3 modules of the car (with full wipe and rewrite). And change Vin for newer ones – but Vin matters for functioning of other, non fbs3 modules, so you could still start the car with improper Vin in eis, but ABS will not work, for instance. You could change the Vin anytime (?) with cgdi prog mb or always could use DAS engineering menu or vediamo/Monaco without wipe.

On other hand, you could just wipe&marry every other fbs3 module after installment of other non-wiped eis. Thus you could use the old keys which sometimes come with donor eises.



@Abu Aldahab:

i tried what are you write and yes you save me man it working thanks a lot.


Thanks to all users above!

Hope it helps!



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