CG FC200 and MPC5XX Adapter Read & Write EDC16C39

Have a Bosch EDC16C39 ECU. It comes from Fiat Ducato. This ECU is also fitted in Opel cars.

Today I’ll make a reading and writing of this ECU with CG FC200 and MPC5XX Adapter on bench.

Let’s see if the fc200 can read this one. 

There are two versions to read this ECU in the software.

I try with flex through OBD and it doesn’t work when you connect for Opel.

For example: Opel Zafira

There is no chance to read this one.

I must dism the ECU and I will show you after this reading, and I will connect the flex but if I will try to read this ecu through Fiat ducato.

On Fiat cars you don’t have problem it can be done 100% to OBD.

I didn’t understand for which reason. May be this is the BSI problem who doesn’t allow or who knows because it’s the same ECU, same pin out and everything is the same.

Now lets use CG FC200 to read and write EDC16C39 ECU.

We make the connection according to the diagram

Connect the FC200 Vehicle-grade wiring harness to ECU, and connect FC200 ECU Programmer and MPC5xx Adaptor, then connect to the another end of Vehicle-grade wiring harness, connect fc200 to computer and supply power to it as well

Start the software the connections are already done

we do have update it’s good because this programmer it comes all the time with new updates they improve lot of protocols but we should give also support for this company and if you want to have good checks and correction.

You should allow them to make a copy when you make these readings I will show you when we do the readings.

Okay, we go on Fiat. This is our ECU type (BOSCH EDC16C39 MPC561/2 test). But the same connection and same ECU you can also read it from BOSCH EDC16C9 MPC555/6 test.

Pay attention on the connection you need only K-Line and gpt1 and GPT.

We go back and we take the c39 you have how many versions four version I believe yes ours will be the version number two I take the correct one because if he will request me for permission to take a backup of this dump.

I want to be sure I will send the right one. Okay let’s connect. Please notice here is test version they are not sure if work 100% okay.

First of all as I said I will read the ExtFlash, because most of the time we modify the Flash and if you want to have automatically correction the software.

The company should also have the original dump inside and they can compare after that same procedure have also other programmers and other companies. Also, if they don’t ask you when you make the readings you send first The Damp on the server and after that you can, the programmer will show you to save on the PC because let’s take Flex, it will work only on the internet.

You see the interface is the internet interface, everything that you read you will send them on the server, and not only Flex, all big companies. This is the reason why they have so many maps. It’s almost finished. It’s not bad for an ECU who is reading it on cons okay. It’s finished. We save this one and now we proceed to read the ExtEEPROM.

We see also this one and now we know for sure this edc16c39.

You can do it also with fc200 then for Fiat cars and Opel cars if you have this type ECU.

Be sure the fc200 have no problem to read this ECU. If you want now to write the data back but I don’t have a software installed on this Windows where I can modify something. Of course we’ll do not have a problem to make this job but in this case is the similar dump and he will don’t see we have differences I’m sure he will make this quite fast.

Everywhere it shows us skip the partition because they are similar for those people who have limited budget.

Now I will show you Flex is not able to read this one through OBD. 

I couldn’t manage to read this ECU on the car it was necessary to take the ECU out.

Flex is connected as I said this is the car what I tried to read with the same ECU I mind the EDC 16c it’s this one and you noticed we have only bench and boot.

We have this versions from here when I read this is I go back and I’ll show you on last use it was this one because according to my car I have at only 100 horsepower not 110 and he will jump me to EDC 16 C9 okay it’s also bench.

You have only one diagram here but as I said you cannot read this ECU through OBD I don’t know from which reason it it’s also funny because when you make this kind of readings with EDC 16 C9 and you will try to modify something the dump on the car.

For example:

The EGR or ad blue or it doesn’t have ad blue but DPF the map is not the same the software it doesn’t find the DPF and also the EGR.

Because it’s in different position located and if I will take the same ECU EDC 16 c39 from Fiat

Let’s put Fiat EDC16c39

You’ll notice the Fiat can read this ECU also on OBD. I don’t have OBD Benes straight with the red adapter. It’s the normal one. The green one uses it for bve okay and also the bench has the same connection.

Let’s go back, and try to see if the Fiat also has C9 and it doesn’t have this one or not. It has this one also with 100 press Fiat. Also, it cannot read this ECU through OBD.

Credit to @ YOYO Diagnostic!

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