CG100X V1.3.8.0 Update: Added VW MQB 6 New Capacitor Removal Method Models

CGDI CG100X updated the latest software V1.3.8.0 on Jan.17th, 2024.

Update Info:

1.Volkswagen MQB adds 6 new capacitor removal method models and Volkswagen Generation 4 anti-theft adds 1 new capacitor removal method model.

2.Added 27 models to dashboard.

3.Added 2 models to read-write.

The following models are added for dashboard.

VESPA 300 24C512

BAIC EU5 2022-24C64 (Dashboard)+ 95320(BCM)

Honda HRV 2019- MB91F061BS

DongFeng Fengshen E3 R5F10DSLL

DongFeng Captain K6 93C86

DongFeng Tuyi T3Q 2021- 24C04

SouthEast DX3 2018- 9S12XHY128

Redflag EQM5 24LC16

Geely Remote GLR 24C04

Geely Yuanjing S1 2017- 24C16

JMC BaoDian 2020- S6J334CJEE

Jingong 90 Digger 24LC64

Liugong 60 Digger 25640

Liugong Forklift 9S12HA48

Chery Karryyouyuex6 2023- 24C16

Nissan Quaker 2005- 9S12H128

Lingong 956 Digging machine 2021- 9S12HY48 (time)

Sunlong BUS 2018- R7F701404

T-KNG ouling GL-III 2022- 24C16

Volvo S40 9S12HZ256

Hyundai 60VS Digger 95M01

KOMATSU 360 93C86

Iveco CHAOYUE 2022- 24C04

Yutong Bus 2019- 24C16

ChangAn CS15 EV400 95040

ChangAn UIN-V 24C16

Great Wall Harvard F5 2020- 24C08

The following models are added for dashboard read-write.

BMW E90 E91 LED BASIS ST10F269 (read write)

Geely Xinrui 2021- R7F701603 (read write)

Besides, CG100 Prog III also updated the newest software V6.8.6.0 on Jan.17th, 2024. The difference with CG100X is that it doesn’t add Redflag EQM5 24LC16, JMC BaoDian 2020- S6J334CJEE, Jingong 90 Digger 24LC64, Sunlong BUS 2018- R7F701404 to dashboard, and Geely Xinrui 2021- R7F701603 (read write) for dashboard read & write. Other than that, everything else is the same.

Update method:

Connect CGDI CG100X Programmer/CG100 Prog III Programmer and computer via USB cable, and follow the prompt to update directly.

Author: admin