CGDI CG100X Clear Renault Crash Airbag

Use CGDI CG100X Programmer to clear the crash airbag on Renault, works fine!

Airbag ECU:

Renault 8200098401 93C66


Remove the chip from the airbag (pay attention to the Pin 1 position)

Clean the chip to ensure the contaction is successful.

Use the Eight-pin chip without dismantling clip to connect EEPROM adapter and chip

Plug the EEPROM Adaptor and CGDI CG100X, and connect to a PC

After connection, run CG100X software, select Airbag function

Quickly find Renault 8200098401 93C66 airbag ECU

First, detect Pin

Confirm to use the disassembly-free method to connect the 8-pin chip

After the operation is completed, start to clear the crash.

Read and save the eeprom data

And then repair the airbag data

After that, overwrite the original data on the chip

Write data is completed.

CG100X clear the Renault airbag crash successfully.

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