CGDI CG70 Repair Land Rover FK72-14D374-AK Airbag Crash

Use CGDI CG70 Airbag Reset Tool to diagnose the Land Rover FK72-14D374-AK airbag module and clear the fault code with one key successfully.

Connect CG70 and airbag ECU by the professional harness, and connect CG70 device to a computer via USB cable.

Run CG70 software

Select Land Rover>> FK72-14D374-AK

Click on “Auto Repair” to start the process

Do not disconnect device during the operation!

Read out the crash error is B1193: 68-AF !!! CRASH Event Storage Full and Locked!!!

Continue to read EEPROM data…

Save the file after reading

Then continue to clear crash and errors…


All are successful.

Continue to read DTC automatically again

There is no B1193: 68-AF crash error now.

CGDI CG70 repair the Land Rover FK72-14D374-AK Airbag ECU perfectly.



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