CGDI CG100X Read BMW X5/X6 Handbrake Module 9S12DG128

How to use CGDI CG100X to read data on BMW X5/X6 Handbrake Module (9S12DG128)?

It’s easy to do with the Pro Adaptation line in the CG100X package and the related wiring diagram in CG100X software.

1.Wiring Diagram Path:

BCM>> BMW>> Handbrake Module>> BMW X5>> 9S12DG128 (read-write)>> BMW X5 handbrake module 9S12DG128

Only need to connect RST, GMD, BKGD and 5V cables

2.EEPROM&PFALSH Data Reading Path:

Programmer>> input dg128 to quickly find 9S12DG128

Enter the operation page

Click EEPROM>> Read Data

After reading, click “Save as” to backup the EEPROM data

Use the same method to read and save PFLASH data as well.

Here is the actual operation process:

Connect CG100X, Pro Adaptation line and computer

Solder the corresponding lines of Pro cable to the BMW X5 9S12DG128 module

Read and save EEPROM & PFLASH data successfully


CGDI CG100X New Generation Programmer cannot add new key and all keys lost for BMW, it’s recommended to use CGDI Prog BMW.

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