CGDI CG70 Repair TOYOTA R7F7 Encrypted DENSO Airbag

How to use CGDI CG70 Airbag Reset Tool to repair Toyota R7F7 series encrypted airbag ECUs?

Just make sure the network connection is normal, and follow the wiring diagram in the software to connect CG70 and airbag with CAN-H, CAN-L, +12V and GND cables respectively. No need to open cover, no need to solder, and no need to purchase any special adapter.

Vehicle Information:

  • 2021 Toyota Sienna MPV, 2.5L hybrid
  • Module Maintenance Background:

The vehicle was involved in a collision, the airbag exploded, and the airbag fault light came on the instrument panel.

  • Fault codes:

B1160:49-AB Airbag ECU failure

P05BB:00-AB Crash event storage is full and locked

  • Part Number:

Toyota and Lexus airbag part numbers all start with 89170. This airbag part number is 89170-08110

  • Airbag Type:

Denso airbag, and they all look similar.

  • MCU:

Renesas RH850 series, R7F7016443 chip.

Step-by-step guide to repair airbag:

1.Open CG70 software, select Toyota>> 89170-08110 or directly search 89170-08110 part number to quickly find the airbag ECU model

2.Click the first icon in the upper right corner to check the wiring diagram.

3.Click the first Toyota wiring diagram, and follow it to connect CG70 airbag reset tool and Toyota airbag ECU.

Please carefully watch the pin positions of these four wires to avoid misconnections or missing connections.

3.After connection, click “Read DTC”, CG70 software will automatically diagnose the airbag computer and analyze the part number and fault code marked in red. Some computers will recognize the VIN.

4.Click “Auto Repair” to start the data repair of the airbag computer.

The software will automatically back up the EEPROM data. The EEPROM data is the area data related to the fault code, and we MUST save it.

After back up original eeprom data, the software will automatically analyze and repair the EEPROM data, and then write the repaired EEPROM data back into the airbag module.

After successfully writing back the repaired EEPROM data, the software clears faults and errors on the airbag computer again to ensure the correctness of the entire repair process.

The airbag module is repaired successfully after 10 minutes. The software will re-diagnose it. The red fault code is gone, indicating that the airbag module is repaired successfully.

5.Click “Read DTC” again. The fault codes are gone.

6.Re-install the Toyota airbag module back to vehicle.

The airbag fault light on the instrument panel will automatically go out. Restart the vehicle to do self-check to confirm if the instrument is normal.

Alright! That’s the whole process to repair airbag on TOYOTA R7F7 Encrypted DENSO with CGDI CG70 without any special adapter.


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