CGDI BMW Activation, Read ISN etc. FAQs

Here CGDISHOP service collected some customer feedbacks for CGDI prog BMW key programmer on frequently asked questions and answers. Hope it helps!

Q1: When I run cgdi bmw software, a message prompts “Internet Automatic Activation device error code 606” error. Then I use it on another computer, but pops up the error “Device not activated” as well.

A1: Please unplug the USB cable which connect CGDI BMW key programmer to computer, and connect again, then open software to activate.

Q2: I wrote ISN to CAS2 by cgdi prog bmw, but failed to read ISN. It prompted “OBD is connecting” then “OBDII-KWP connection successfully” in the cgdi bmw software, but the ISN data was empty. I tried it many times and all failed. But there was not any problem on CAS3 or CAS3+.

A2: Please remove the DME module from the vehicle and try to read ISN by connecting CGDI BMW key programmer and DME module via OBD cable.


Q3: Can CGDI BMW do BMW F series all keys lost?

A3: Yes, as long as the engine ISN can be read out, that’s ok.


Q4: Does CGDI BMW prog support f30 328d edc17c50 upgrade?

A4: Yes, you can do it by CGDI BMW software.


Q5: A message prompts “Current function is trial function” on cgdi bmw software screen. Can I use it normally?

A5: Yes, it’s OK.

Q: Can CGDI Prog MSV80 program or copy a new key fob for a 2015 F-30 BMW 320I base model?

A: For reading engine ISN and program engine are ok.


Q: Does cgdi bmw program 2014 bmw f30 all keys lost via OBD?

A: It needs engine ISN to do all keys lost via OBD.


Q: Can CGDI BMW read ISN from DME module? Does it need another cable?

A: Yes, read ISN on car via OBD directly. If it prompts the function cannot support, try to dismantle the engine to read.


Q: Does CGDI BMW read BMW E, F series ens isn via OBD?

A: You need to dismantle the engine, and use the lines for exclusive EGS to read. CGDI BMW only supports F series 6HP and 8HP gearbox so far.


Q: Can i use CGDI prog bmw to change engine ecu with used ecu, for bmw 320d e90 163hp m47 engine?

A: CGDI prog BMW MSV80 doesn’t support reading ISN. You can read the used engine ISN by cgdi bmw directly, then write into CAS data, finally program a new key.

Q: Will CGDI Prog MSV80 program key to the most of CAS1 to CAS3 E series 2004 to 2009 cars? Via OBD?

A: Yes.


Q: I use cgdi bmw to program 2008 model car with MSD81.2 ECU and CAS3+,it’s successful to downgrade, but fails to program new key. The original key also cannot work now, it shows has been locked.

A: Try to synchronize. If it also cannot solve, try to program and code IMMO system.


Q: Is it possible to clear old mileage and write new value by CGDI BMW without simulator?

A: Yes, just clear the IMMO data via OBD. You need to adjust IMMO and dashboard modules, and clear IMMO data to zero, then change the mileage you desire.


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