CGDI BMW Mini Cooper CAS3+ FRM coding: Yes or No?

Can CGDI prog BMW code FRM module on Mini Cooper CAS3+???

Yes. It has been confirmed.


This is the related test report for reference.

Car: BMW Mini Cooper

Year: 2016

Chassis: E series R60

Immobiliser: CAS3+ N16


Device: CGDI prog BMW MSV80 key programmer



Connect the CGDI device to the vehicle thru the OBD port

cgdi-bmw-mini-cooper-cas3+-frm-coding-2 cgdi-bmw-mini-cooper-cas3+-frm-coding-3

Start the car with the ACC button

Run CGDI BMW software

Select “BMW E Series Coding”


A message appear with “Current function is trial function”


Current vehicle FA information is inconsistent. Do you want to code with CAS Fa?

Click “Yes” to next step


Read data successfully

The vehicle available communication module has been marked black. Please select the appropriate module to set the code

Click “OK”


All modules of the car have been read successfully


Please kindly notice:

When the data of FRM module is abnormal, we can repair it with CG100 or CG PRO 9S12. After the repair, the FRM module must be coded

Select “FRM”-> “Coding”

Click “Yes” to backup data


Backup code successfully

Continue to code…

Setting code…


CGDI BMW key programmer code FRM module succeed



That’s all. Hope it helps you!

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