CGDI BMW Programmer Test on BMW Mini R60 2016 Diagnosis

In this post, show you new test report from CGDI factory enginner on CGDI BMW prog diagnose BMW MINI R60 2016

Model: BMW Mini R60

Year: 2016

Chassis: E Series

Immobilizer: CAS3+

Device: CGDI prog BMW key programmer

Purpose: BMW Diagnosis

cgdi-bmw-2016-bmw-e-series-cas3+-diagnosis-1 cgdi-bmw-2016-bmw-e-series-cas3+-diagnosis-2


Step-by-step guide to diagnose:

Connect CGDI BMW device to vehicle via the OBD wire harness

Open the car ACC button


Enter CGDI software

Select “BMW Diagnosis”


It will prompt “Whether to scan vehicles quickly?”

Click “Yes” to continue


Car information will display on the screen

Click “OK”


Scan all the car modules information

The modules marked res are those that need to repaired


Click “Clear Allcode”

After clearing, there are still 2 fault codes left


You can check the hardware of the vehicle

Select one fault code and click “Read FaultCode”

CGDI BMW key programmer read DTC successfully

Follow the corresponding prompt to get help

cgdi-bmw-2016-bmw-e-series-cas3+-diagnosis-9 cgdi-bmw-2016-bmw-e-series-cas3+-diagnosis-10

That’s all. Hope it helps!

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