CGDI BMW Read MSD80/81/85/MSV90 ISN Without Dismantling

Confirmed! CGDI prog BMW can read ISN for MSD80/81/85/MSV90 no need opening the DME shell!


Test 1: CGDI BMW read MSD80 ISN


DME model: BMW MSD80

Device: CGDI BMW key programmer+ MSD80 read ISN authorization

Computer: Laptop or Desktop

cgdi-bmw-read-msd80-81-85-msv90-isn-1 cgdi-bmw-read-msd80-81-85-msv90-isn-2



Connect CGDI BMW prog with PC firstly

Open CGDI software

Click MSD80/81/85/87/MSV80/90 Read ISN


Select MSD80 chip and click OK


Enter main operation interface

There are four options: Wiring Diagram, Identification, Read ISN and Back


Click Wiring Diagram

Follow it to connect CGDI BMW device with MSD80 DME via professional OBD cable

cgdi-bmw-read-msd80-81-85-msv90-isn-6 cgdi-bmw-read-msd80-81-85-msv90-isn-7 cgdi-bmw-read-msd80-81-85-msv90-isn-8

Click Identification to identify DME info

Read out the VIN and identification successfully


Click Read ISN

Get ECU authorization and read out MSD80 ISN successfully



Test 2: CGDI BMW read MSD81 ISN

Prepare all the devices as same as MSD80

cgdi-bmw-read-msd80-81-85-msv90-isn-11 cgdi-bmw-read-msd80-81-85-msv90-isn-12

Enter CGDI BMW software and select the corresponding DME and chip model


Follow the wiring diagram to wire ISN OBD cable and MSD81 DME

cgdi-bmw-read-msd80-81-85-msv90-isn-14 cgdi-bmw-read-msd80-81-85-msv90-isn-15

Then connect DME to CGDI BMW key programmer


Identify MSD81 VIN, identification and type


Get ECU authorization and read out MSD81 ISN successfully



Test 3: CGDI BMW read MSD85 ISN

This is BMW MSD85 DME


Prepare the same devices as MSD80/81

Open CGDI BMW software and select the corresponding DME and chip model


Follow the wiring diagram to wire ISN OBD cable and MSD85 DME

cgdi-bmw-read-msd80-81-85-msv90-isn-21 cgdi-bmw-read-msd80-81-85-msv90-isn-22

Then connect DME to CGDI prog BMW


Identify MSD85 info


Read out BMW MSD85 ISN successfully



CGDI BMW key programmer also read MSV90 ISN successfully without disassembly:


For your convenience, here is the all the test report videos about MSD80/81/85/MSV90.


CGDI Prog BMW read MSD80 ISN:


CGDI Prog BMW read MSD81 ISN:


CGDI Prog BMW read MSD85 ISN:


CGDI Prog BMW read MSV90 ISN:



CGDI prog BMW key programmer:

CGDI BMW read MSD80/81/85/87/MSV90 ISN authorization ($120)

Professional OBD cable to read ISN:

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