How to use CGDI ELV simulator with CGDI MB Key Programmer?

Today let’s talk about CGDI ELV simulator which works with CGDI prog MB for replacing original Mercedes-Benz W204/W207/W212 ELV.


What’s CGDI ELV Simulator?


The Mercedes-Benz ELV simulator produced by CG Technology has convenient functions not available in other similar products. One-click matching and manual initialization, combined with the use of CGDI MB key programmer, save time and effort, can be used multiple times, and fully adapt to the chassis W204, W207 and W212 Mercedes-Benz cars can be directly replaced in the original car’s directional lock position, without being exposed, not plugged in, without affecting aesthetics, and more stable and safe at the same time!



How to erase ELV simulator?

Wiping is divided into two methods. The premise is that communication is required. One is software operation and the other is manual operation. The different steps are different, but the results are the same.


Method 1: Operate by CGDI prog MB Benz key programmer


Step 1: Connect the simulator to the real car or the platform

As long as it can communicate, open the CGDI MB software and enter the “ELV-> ELV Simulator” option



Step 2: Click on “Erase Simulator ”



Step 3: Clamp the yellow clip on the OBD line to the 3 pin position of the simulator



Step 4: Erase simulator success



Step 5: Click “Read Simulator”to read verification

The simulator password shows 0, has been activated without checking



Method 2: Operate manually

Step 1: Prepare a toothpick or tweezers

Other thin objects can also be used.



Step 2: Connect the CGDI ELV Simulator

Insert it into the reset hole of the simulator with a toothpick or tweezers

Press it 5 times, you can hear a click, it means it has been wiped



Step 3: Enter CGDI MB software to read the verification, it has been activated without checking



How to replace the original car ELV?

Step 1: Collect the Password of the vehicle

Note: Both the real vehicle and the platform can be used.



Step 2: Save the EIS data with the password



Step 3: Connect the CGDI ELV SIMULATOR

Open the CGMB software

Select “ELV”-> “ELV Simulator”



Step 4: Read the simulator to ensure that the simulator is inactive

If it is activated, please wipe it first



Step 5: Load the EIS data with the key password just saved



Step 6: Write the simulator

When the prompt says ELV has been written successfully, please insert the key into the lock and turn on the ignition to activate it.



Step 7: Verify that the meter and vehicle can be turned on



Step 8: You can perform the secondary verification, read the activated simulator to see if it is activated.



CGDI ELV Simulator:

CGDI Prog MB Benz Key Programmer:



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