How to Use CGDI MB to Solve Benz EIS Locked Problem?

Customer problem:

My car key stopped working, looks like EIS is locked on the CGDI MB software, what can I do in that situation w164 2008? I tried to solve using the following methods, but also failed.

1.Cleared TP, tried to wipe EIS but didn’t work at all

2.All keys are disabled, tried to activate any and always as failed

3.Replace EIS, failed

cgdi mb solve benz eis locked 1

cgdi mb solve benz eis locked 2 engineer replied:

The activated option is not ticked, that means the EIS has been erased.

Go to rewrite the original EIS data and insert the key to activate it again.

Please refer to the video to write back the EIS data using CGDI Prog MB.


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