W219 2006 All Keys Lost by CGDI MB via OBD Same as W211

Question: W219 2006 can take akl by obd by cgdi prog mb? Is same as 211?

CGDISHOP.COM engineer’s answer: Yes, same as 211, 35min.

Generally, CGDI MB can work on all Mercedes till FBS3. Check the support car list as below.

Mercedes Benz Series Year Chassis
A Class -2004 W168
A Class 2004-2012 W169
A Class 2012-2015 W176
B Class 2005-2012 W245
B Class 2014-2015 W246
C Class 1996-2000 W202
C Class 2004-2007 W203
C Class 2007-2014 W204
C Class 2006-2013 W205
CL Class 2006-2013 W206
CLK Class 2002-2007 W209
CLS Class 2005-2007 W219
E Class 2002-2007 W211
E Class 2008-2014 W212
G Class 2006-2010 W463
GLK Class 2008-2014 X204
ML Class 2005-2010 W164
R Class 2005-2010 W251
S Class 1991-1998 W140
S Class 1998-2004 W220
S Class 2006-2011 W221
SLK Class 2000-2010 W171
SLR Class 2003-2007 C199
SLS Class 2007-2014 w197
SMART 2009-2013 W450
SPRINTER 2006-2011 W906
VIVO/VIANO 2007-2013 W639


CGDI MB All Key Lost Support List:

W164, W216 (2009-)

W164, W216 (2009-)(Fast)

W164 (Old), W221 (-2009)

W164 (Old), W221 (-2009)(Fast)

W166, W197, W212 (Old), W212, W246


W169 (Fast)

W172, W204, W207, W209, W211

W172, W207, W209, W211 (Fast)

W202, W203, W208, W210, W463, W639 (K)

W202, W203, W208, W210, W463, W639 (K) (Fast)

W215 W220


W639 (CAN 2009-)

W639 (CAN 2009-)(Fast)



Mercedes- Benz W211 (W219) All Key Lost by CGDI MB Benz Key Programmer via OBD:

Step 1: Read & Save EIS data

Connect OBD and read EIS, save data

Select EIS-> Read EIS data -> Save EIS data

Step 2: Collect Data

Select Compute Password-> Copy key without key-> Collect Data

Follow the instruction to insert the simulation key to collect data, then save

Step 3: Upload Data

Click “Upload Data” to upload last created bin file

Select “Query Result” to query

Compute success!

Step 4: Save EIS Data

Back to “EIS-EZS” option to save EIS data

Step 5: Generate EE

Select “Generate Key File” option, and click “Load File” button to load the file just saved

Then click ‘Generate’ to operate

Step 6: Write key

Select “Read/Write Key” option, and plug a new key into CGDI MB coil

Click “Read Key/Chip” button, then click “Reset” button

Then click “Open File/Write” button, it will prompt you that

Choose the suitable format file to write

Finally insert the key into EIS to learn, you need turn from off to on potion several time

Then back to software to click “Read EIS Data” again to check key position


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