CGDI Prog MB Programs new keys to W211 2004 via OBD

CGDI PROG MB is a good key programmer for Mercedes Benz owners. It supports add keys and program keys when MB all keys lost such as models 211,209,204, 207, 212, 164 + etc.

Here share how to program new keys to W211 2004 with CGDI PROG MB.



Car: 2004 Benz W211

Device: CGDI PROG MB Key programmer

Power supply: Adjustable power voltage (adjust to about 13V)


Main steps:

Step 1: Read & Save EIS data

Step 2: Collect Data

Step 3: Upload Data

Step 4: Save EIS Data

Step 5: Generate EE

Step 6: Write key



Step 1: Read & Save EIS data

Connect OBD and read EIS, save data (not necessary)

Open CGDI MB software

Select EIS-> Read EIS data -> Save EIS data

Save the data file



Step 2: Collect Data

Click Compute Password-> Copy key with key-> Collect Data

Select the “Other keys” key type, and then click “OK”


Follow the prompt, insert the key into EIS and click “OK”

Then insert the key into the CGMB device and click “OK”


Insert the key into EIS and then pull out

Pull out the key for 5 seconds, and then insert the EIS

Click “OK” to continue


Save the bin file



Step 3: Upload Data

Click “Upload Data” to upload last created bin file

Select “Query Result” to query

Computer success!



Step 4: Save EIS Data

Copy “Key password”

Go back to EIS and paste the password

Then click “Save EIS Data”


Save the data success!



Step 5: Generate EE

Go to Generate EE-> Load EIS File

Select latest file

Click “Generate key file”


The key was generated successfully


Step 6: Write key

Go to “Read/ Write Key”

Click “Open/ Write” and select correct format

cgdi-prog-mb-program-new-keys-to-w211-10 cgdi-prog-mb-program-new-keys-to-w211-11

Write success!


Job’s done!

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