CGDI PROG BMW REVIEW: Flash BMW 8HP transmission without gateway

Here I would like to talk about my cgdi bmw prog I bought last week.



I received CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 that I purchased from

This cgdi programmer cost me 699 usd with free shipping from UK.

I’m so surprised, it is no tax!



I used cgdi prog bmw to flash my bmw 8hp transmission without gateway. Here share the details with you.


Step 1: Connect CGDI PROG BMW to BMW 8HP transmission and PC, adjust power to 13V, and then power on


Step 2: Open CGDI BMW Software, and select “EGS ISN”


Step 3: Connect OBD KWP-CAN 500 kbps automatically


Note: Make sure auto battery keep stable power and connect all the cables well.


Step 4: Click on “Clear ISN” and then confirm the VIN


Step 5: Start to program ECU


Step 6: Erase flash, program ECU, and then verify flash

cgdi-prog-bmw-msv80-flash-bmw-8hp-transmission-7 cgdi-prog-bmw-msv80-flash-bmw-8hp-transmission-8 cgdi-prog-bmw-msv80-flash-bmw-8hp-transmission-9

Step 7: Start to program another ECU


Step 8: Repeat the same steps above (erase flash, program ECU…)

cgdi-prog-bmw-msv80-flash-bmw-8hp-transmission-11 cgdi-prog-bmw-msv80-flash-bmw-8hp-transmission-12

Step 9: Finish clearing BMW EGS ISN



It’s very easy to use cgdi prog bmw msv80. Hope can help you out!


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