CG FC200 Read/Write Volvo Denso MB279700-9500 ECU on Bench

How to read/write Volvo Denso MB279700-9500 ECU by CG FC200 ECU Programmer in Bench mode?

Here takes Volvo XC60 as an example to show the detailed operation procedure.

1.Module information

This is a Volvo XC60 with MB279700-9500 Denso ECU module

2.Software menu path

Open FC200 software, and select the vehicle and the corresponding ECU number

(Volvo>> Denso MB279700-9500 SH72543)

Click Platform (Bench mode)

3.Check wiring diagram

Confirm whether the Pins of the ECU are the same as those in the software.

Only need to connect 5 cables incl. two red 12V cables and one GND cable, CAN-L and CAN-H.

4.Read and write data

After connecting the cable, we first click Identify. The CPU (SH72543) is identified by CG FC200 server and connection is well built.

We only need to read DFLASH (EEPROM) and PFLASH for backup. Not need to read and write Maps. It’s included in the PFlash data. The Maps data is generally used for professional training.

After the DFLASH and PFLASH data have been backed up, you can use them to clone, upgrade power, etc.



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