CG Pro 9S12 for BMW Problem & Solution

I have a CG Pro 9S12, recently I used it to do BMW FRM E-series, CAS3 OL15Y,  BMW–EWS4 1L86D 2L86D. There were something wrong with it during the operations.

Problem 1: When i did BMW FRM E series, an error message appeared “This partition size is zero, can not operate…”

cg pro 9s12 bmw problem solution 1

Problem 2: When i tested BMW Cas3 OL15Y dashboard, it prompted “BDM connect failed, please make sure the line is connected properly, or try to decrypt the chip.”

cg pro 9s12 bmw problem solution 2

Problem 3: When i tested BMW EWS4 1L86D 2L86D dashboard, it prompted “Decryption timeout”. i tried  it for four times, the first three times all appeared the “Decryption timeout” message, while it was successful in the fourth time, but i didn’t change anything. The operation was same as the first 3 times like the connection, but until the fourth time it worked successfully.

cg pro 9s12 bmw problem solution 3

As for the three problems above, engineer offers the corresponding solution.

The solution for problem 1:

It needs to partition EEPROM and DFLASH when reading and writing BMW FRM E series.

For setting BMW FRM partition, EEPROM can set max 4KB (Dflash is 0 ) or Dflash max 32KB (EEPROM is 0).

Please refer to the post to learn the related operating guide.
CG Pro 9S12 Read and Write BMW FRM XEQ384 Mask 3M25J
The solution for problem 2& problem 3:

Step 1: Please click the device initialize function at the upper right corner of CG Pro software.

Password: cgkj982634187236

Step 2: unplug the cg pro 9s12 programmer, and restart the software

Step 3: Connect the device, and then test the BMW again.


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