CG100 Prog III Register Account+ Bind Device+ Find Password

This is a tutorial about how to register an account, bind device and find password on CG100 PROG III.

Something to know firstly:

1.All CG’s products can use same account to sign in.

2.You need to register a new account to activate CG100 ,if your CG100 is new to buy.

3.Some customers said it can not type “@”. Please copy it from the other place.

4.If you choose phone number to verify, then if your password lost ,you can find it by phone number only. Same as email.

5.If you don’t remember your user name, please send send your register way (number) to contact, we will help you to solve it.

How to register CG account?

Step 1: Connect CG100 with the computer

Step 2: Run CG100 software

The vehicle SN, firmware and device version will display on the screen.

Click “OK” to continue


Step 3: When it appears the sign in interface automatically, click “No account, create one”


Step 4: Fill in available user name, password, name, phone number and email address

User name: 4-12 English lowercase letters

Password: 8-20 characters

Name: No more than 40 English characters


Note: you can type the message in other file. In case you forget the info.

If you can not type “@”. Please copy it from the other place.

Step 5: Choose one verification method: phone number or email

Step 6: When get the verification code, paste it to the corresponding text field, and click “Submit”, then the account registration is completed.

cg100 prog iii register find password 4

Step 7: Login with the user name and password has been registered successfully

How to bind device by same CG account?

If you want to use your account to bind other CGDI key programmers, disconnect CG100, and connect other CGDI device with computer, such as CGDI Prog MB.

Sign in firstly, and it will prompt you that “Bind account will enjoy multiple members services, is this device bound to the current account?”, click “OK”

cg100 prog iii register find password 5

Then the device will be bound successfully


Disconnect CGDI Prog MB Benz programmer, connect CG100 with computer again, then the software will ask to bind account, then bind it too.

When bind successfully, click [Personal Center] can check the corresponding device bound info.


How to find password?

If you forget your password, go to “Sign in” interface and choose “Forget password”, and then reset password with new password.

cg100 prog iii register find password 8

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