Mercedes Vito W639 Cannot Start After Adding New Key by CGDI MB Solution

Hi, Guys! I face the following problem.

I have successfully programmed a new key for a Mercedes W639 Vito 2006 using CGDI prog MB. Akl situation. When I tried to start the car i could once turn the key but the car could not start. How ever the remote control was working. But after that I was not able to turn the key to th ignition. Then the customer gave the Eis to me. I testet the key and it was programmed in the the 8 position as normal. Any ideas how can I make the car started? Probably the car hade already problem before I tried to program key.



Bad BE key shell or the key itself, remove the shell, try with bare PCB. If it helps, change the shell, if it doesn’t, make new key.



Is it not that after programing you have to activate that it’s a used key? engineer replied:

Please operate by the following steps:

1.Check the key shell, remove this thing, then try again;

2.Make a different new key ,check if it will happen again.

cgdi mb mercedes vito w639 cannot start solution

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