CGDI MB AC adapter collect Benz W164 EIS Data (No need to plug)

CGDI MB Key Programmer with AC adapter can collect data for Mercedes W164 W204 W221 W209 W246 W251 W166. It’s very fast to acquire data via OBD, no need to plug.

Here share CGDI MB with AC adapter collects Benz W164 data within 3 minutes


All devices need:

CGDI prog MB

AC adapter

Mercedes Benz W164 EIS

Benz Gateway

New key

cgdi-prog-mb-ac-adapter-collect-benz-w164-data-1 cgdi-prog-mb-ac-adapter-collect-benz-w164-data-2


Main steps:

Step 1: Connect all devices

Step 2: Calculate password

Step 3: Generate key

Step 4: Program new key

Step 5: Test new key



Step 1: Connect all devices

Connect Benz gateway to W164 EIS by professional cable

Connect AC adapter to CGDI pro MB

Power on and keep the voltage at about 12-14V

Connect cable OBD to CGDI MB OBD

Connect CGDI pro MB to PC



Step 2: Calculate password

Go to CGDI MB software

Select “EIS”–>”Read EIS Data” to display key info


Select “Compute Password”–>”Copy key without key” –> Collect Data

Choose “Platform mode (Quick collect)” and then click “OK”


Follow the prompt to insert the simulation key within 1 minute, and turn the quick collect adapter (AC adapter) switch to the platform position. Turn the key to the ignition switch to ON position.

cgdi-prog-mb-ac-adapter-collect-benz-w164-data-6 cgdi-prog-mb-ac-adapter-collect-benz-w164-data-7

It needs 3 minutes to collect data, please be patient to wait.

Collect data success, and then save it


Save the file successfully

Click “OK” to next step


Click “Query Result” to calculate password

This procedure needs about 2 minutes

Copy the password calculated to desktop


Click “EIS”

Paste the password automatically by newest CGMB version

Click “Save EIS Data”

Save the file successfully



Step 3: Generate key

Select “Generate EE”-> “Load EIS file” to check EIS data information

Remove the tick marks before key 1 and key 2

Click “Generate key file”


Save the key file


This key file is generated successfully



Step 4: Program new key

Insert the new key into the CGDI MB key programmer


Select “Read/ Write Key”-> “Infrared”-> “Read Key/ Chip”

Click “Reset” to erase the used key data

Reset operation succeed


Click “Open/Write” button, the key basic data become zero

Note: Smart key please choose 41 format, common key and BE key please choose 51 format! When writing the original key, please make sure that it is wiped by the CGMB, otherwise the write will fail!


Select an unused key file (3_51) to write data


Write success



Step 5: Test new key

Insert the new key into Benz W164 EIS to learn


And then insert the new key into CGDI prog MB again

Select “EIS”–>”Read EIS Data” to display current key info


Click “Read Key/Chip” again to check the position key 3 is used


CGDI MB with AC adapter programs key successfully!


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