CGDI MB Prog Collect EIS Data for Old Benz W164

Here share the step-by-step guide on how to use CGDI MB and AC adapter to collect EIS data for old Benz W164.Hope it helps!


What You Need?

CGDI MB Benz Programmer

CGDI MB AC Adapter


Step 1: Connect CGDI prog MB to computer

According to the Wiring diagram display to connect all the devices

cgdi-prog-mb-collect-data-for-benz-w164-1 cgdi-prog-mb-collect-data-for-benz-w164-2 cgdi-prog-mb-collect-data-for-benz-w164-3 cgdi-prog-mb-collect-data-for-benz-w164-4 cgdi-prog-mb-collect-data-for-benz-w164-5


Step 2: Collect Data

Open CGMB software

Go to EIS> Read EIS Data to current key status



Click on Computer Password> Copy key without key > Collect Data

Select Platform mode (Quick collect) and press OK



Collecting data…

Follow the prompts: Please insert the simulation key within 1 minute, if you have inserted, please pull out and try again.

(Please turn the quick collect adapter switch to the Platform position. Turn the key to the ignition switch ON position.)



Collecting, please wait…

(It needs about 5 minutes)


Saving the data…



Save the file successfully


Step 3: Save EIS Data

Select Computer Password> Copy key without key> Upload data

Select the file just saved

Upload data successfully



Step 4: Calculate Key Password

Click on Query result

Calculating the key password…

Computing success!


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